This corner of the Internet was made for connecting with book bloggers from everywhere.

There are thousands of book bloggers out there, creating a colorful, friendly, ever-changing community.

There’s so much possibility in this fact, yet when one tries to discover this world within a world themself, without a guide, it turns out to be pretty hard.

I think it’s magical to see how diverse we are, how many different experiences we might have, how many point of views, how many opinions are circulating.

There are also many problems with choosing the right bloggers for a review: problems with shipping, legal stuff about release in a country… it must be sometimes really hard to find the right audience, one that’s not only interested, but also available for the job. I wanted to give a chance for authors and publishers to make the list of reviewers as broad as it is possible. If you search by country, you might find some bloggers you otherwise wouldn’t have found. You can search all the countries where you can legally and technically send a book to and ask for a review! And if you send out ebooks, you can even choose a blogger from countries of all continents – then you will know for sure that your feedback IS representative.

Let’s dive in and discover new book blogs from all over the world!