Infos for Authors and Publicists

Do you need bloggers to read your book and share a review with their readers?

Even better if you can see from the beginning where they are from?


There’s a couple of things you should know before you start sending out requests:

  • The purpose of this directory is to make it easier to find bloggers from all over the world. It is not associated with the activity of the bloggers, nor does it provide a direct contact to any of them. To contact a blogger, you must either follow the link to their blog, or send them an email.
  • The contact page on this website is only for matters concerning the Global Hug Directory. Any message that’s not of the subject, or those that are supposed to reach a blogger for a review will be ignored.
  • Before you send a request to a blogger, be sure that you read their review policy! Only proceed with the request when 1. they read and review the genre you’re offering; 2. they’re accepting reviews at the moment; 3. you’re okay with the time-frame they work with (if it’s stated in the policy).
  • Please, don’t use this site to simply, rather aggressivly promote your book. Do not send a review request if you’re not willing to provide a free copy of the book, let it be physical or electronical copy.
  • The bloggers listed here are going out of their way to make less known authors and books popular. They read and review in their freetime, they mostly maintain their sites out of their own pocket. They’re an enthusiastic little gang, but sometimes life gets in the way. Most of them have tiring dayjobs, and they’re using their last energy to create their content out of pure love. Be patient with them! Be nice! You’re not gonna regret! 😉
  • A subscription is not necessary for you to use the directory.
  • If you’d like to stay up-to-date with new additions to the list, as well as other news or changes on the site, please subscribe!