Infos for Book Bloggers

Have you looked at the site and decided you’d like to be on the list?


There’s only a couple of things you should know:

  • You must have a blog where you post book reviews regularly! (Bookstagram, BookTube and the sort doesn’t count.)
  • You can decide whether you give a link to your contact page, your email address, or both. Obviously you must choose one of them to be available on the list. If you miss this, your blog won’t be listed, because the purpose is lost.
  • I will need your email, but you can decide if you want it to be public or not. I will only use it for the purpose of improving this directory, and occasionally sending you infos that you, as someone on the list, have to know. When you submit your blog, you must agree to receive emails concerning your own submission and presence in the directory.
  • That also means that submitting your blog isn’t the same as subscribing to follow the news from this site. If you want to stay up-to-date with new additions to the list, or getting reminders of news, you also have to subscribe on the relevant page.
  • I cannot make it an obligation, but please, if you signed up, do answer to review requests that come to you through this site, even if it’s a no.
  • Signing up requires an obligatory link to your review policy. It’s for everyone’s sake. It’s easier that way for an author to check if you really are the right choice for their book, but it’s also because constantly following and updating every blog on the list if they’re currently accept requests or not would be impossible. This way it’s easy and fast to check for everyone, and this site doesn’t have to change a lot every day.
  • If you live abroad, both your current and original location will be shown under your blog. You have to choose though, under which one you would like to be listed in the directory.
  • Please, choose all the genres you review – but do not add a genre that you’re not willing to read.
  • The description of your blog should be short and including the most important informations.
  • Listing new bloggers can take up time, please be patient! I do my best to update the directory as fast as possible. You’ll get an email once you’re blog has been added.

If you’re on the list, but wish your blog to be deleted from the directory, please use my contact form to let me know, and I’ll take it down.