Welcome to Global Hug!

I’m so happy you found this site.

Before you make any decisions of it – whether you like it or not – you have to know that this directory is still in the making.

I created this after playing long with the idea of an international book blogger list, where everyone can see the diversity of all these wonderful people who share their thoughts about books in their freetime, who help authors to reach their audience… My vision was a virtual place where this fantastic community can make even more connections, both with each other and with authors who reach out for potential reviews for their books.

I am myself a book blogger, and I’ve experienced a couple of times the feeling that’s awkward for everyone I think: when an author or publisher somehow missed the fact that I am not from a country where they can send a book to, and they had to retract their promise of sending me a physical copy, or (in very limited cases) any copy at all. I want to help everyone with reducing the occurence of these happenings. I think it’s beneficial for both authors and bloggers.

Why “global hug”, you might ask?

The answer is pretty simple: that’s the association my brain makes when I think of all the bloggers from everywhere as a loving and accepting community. These days, when we’re all more or less bound to the place where we live, when many of us lose the groud from under our feet, it’s even more important to acknowledge these feelings, to search for each others company, at least virtually, and to support each other every way it’s possible.

So, if you’re a book blogger, and you feel like according to what’s already ready of this site appeals to you, please consider submitting your blog, even if you can’t yet see how the list would exactly look like. Without at least a couple of bloggers submitted I cannot do any further developments!

If you’re an author or publicist, and you feel like you’re gonna use this site to explore bloggers, please subscribe! Then you will get notifications when new bloggers are added. Or, as the case is right now, when the first bloggers are added.

I hope you will stay with me and this directory in this journey!

Let’s all be part of a Global Hug!

Dora, book blogger at Swift Coffe Book Blog


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