The First Couple of Bloggers are Added!

It’s not much (15, including my own), but it gives an insight what this directory will look like when more bloggers submit their blogs!

Thank all of you guys, for trusting me and going in blind, not knowing what it will look like.

A couple of notes (learning from the submissions until now):

  • “first name” means your own name, not your blogs! (you can make one up, I have no means to know anyway)
  • you must give either a contact page link, or your permission for me to share your email address publicly. Without any contact info your blog cannot be submitted – the point would be for authors to be able to contact you!
  • A review policy is also a must! It might be unusual that I made this one obligatory for signing up, but I think it’s very important to make everything going smoothly between authors and bloggers. It’s really helpful!
  • If you share your homepage link instead of the the pages above, your blog will not be submitted!
  • the description of the blog is supposed to be a couple of sentences. It’s a SHORT description, not the novel of how you write a blog. The list should be digestable.

Please, everyone, read the Infos for Book Bloggers page before submitting your blogs! NOBODY made any mistake in submitting that wasn’t discussed in it. I don’t want to be too “mean teachery”, but there are so many of us, and so many submissions, that there have to be rules. At least a couple.

Anyways, I am so happy you guys have started to sign up, and I hope there’s many more to come!

Authors and their representatives: it’s only a few now, but it’s finally possible to start out searching for new bloggers! 😉

My fellow bloggers: please, look around here, and if you like what you see, please, submit your blog!

And last, but not least:

Happy Quarantine Easter everyone, and if you don’t celebrate it, Happy Sunday and have a nice time with your closest ones!




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