35 Bloggers and counting!

I’m happy to announce that the directory starts to roll, and more and more bloggers are subscribing!

There are still continents without any submitted bloggers, though! 😦 What I noticed is that the majority of the bloggers are from the US or the UK – which is fine, I’m so happy for everyone that has joined us here at Global Hug, and I want everyone!

I just want international bloggers to realize: this is your time to shine! Don’t be scared of being the only the first blogger listed under your country! The more diversity we show the better! I’m sure there are more bloggers, what’s more, more authors coming from your country, and they will be quite happy to discover you there on the list!

I’ve heard there are authors and bloggers already successfully using Global Hug, and I can’t even express how thankful I am for the support!

A small note: because of my hectic work schedule it might take a while until you find yourself in the list. Don’t worry, though! Your blog will definitely be part of the directory, and when that happens, you’ll get an email.

Thank you everyone for submitting, for expressing your interest, and for following the events here over at Global Hug!

And if you’re new to this: come, join us, submit your blog! 😉

I love you all.



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